Thursday, April 11, 2013


   Many workers compensation clients are confused about what workers compensation will do and what it won't do.  The Georgia workers compensation does three things:  (1) provides partial replacement of your lost wages when you are out of work with a work injury; (2) provides you with medical treatment for your work injury, but "with strings attached"; and (3) provides you with a payment for any permanent disability or impairment you may have after your medical treatment ends. 

   Other benefits may be available if your workers compensation injury is truly catastrophic--such as blindness, brain damage, amputation of an arm or leg, or some other similar devastating injury.  Note only a very small percentage of workers compensation injuries are deemed catastrophic.

   Benefits through Georgia's workers compensation system are intentionally not generous because the purpose is to get the injured worker back to work as soon as possible.

   Unlike an injury caused in a car wreck, an injury caused on the job will not give you money for pain and suffering.  An injury caused on the job will not give your husband or wife money for their inconvenience caused by your work injury.  It will not fully replace your lost income while you're out of work.  And it won't give you any money for the other financial problems that are caused when your income drops during your workers compensation claim -- such as having your house foreclosed on.

  Another frustrating problem with the workers compensation system is that there is no way to force a settlement of your claim.  In a car wreck case, you can have a trial of your claim to a jury and let the jury decide the value of the claim.  However, in workers compensation cases, the only way to settle a claim is for both sides to voluntarily agree on a lump sum payment to end the claim.

   This is why you need an experienced workers compensation attorney fighting for you from the very beginning of your workers compensation claim -- to let you know your rights and to maximize the value of your workers compensation claim.

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